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Jani Pro Services offers a full-range of contractual and on-demand facility service solution

Carpet Cleaning

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will help to improve the look and the feel. As dirt and dust build up in the fibers, it causes the fibers to become matted, which makes the carpet look old and worn as well as feel rough and flat, regardless of how much padding is underneath. Expert cleaning helps to keep the dirt and dust from tearing away at the fibers in the carpet, which ultimately makes them look better and feel softer for a longer amount of time.

Floor Waxing

Stripping and waxing will remove dirt, scuffs, grease, and stains, thus removing the likelihood of employees getting sick from dirt or slipping on a substance and hurting themselves. They also protect the flooring from moisture and water damage. Surfaces last longer when they are properly cleaned and serviced. Finally, having beautiful floors will show your customers you care about quality and keep them coming back time and again.

Routine Office Cleaning

One of the most obvious reasons for cleaning an office is to reduce the risk of illnesses. Common objects in an office are hotspots for germs to build up on. Having a daily cleaning and disinfecting routine can greatly diminish the risk of illness spreading throughout the office. Not only will employees remain healthy and happy, but there will also not be a loss of productivity in the business caused by many employee sick days, as shown in the infographic below.

Foreclosure Clean-up

Most have been empty for anywhere from a few months too over a year, allowing cobwebs, dirt, bugs, and rodent to take over. With the right supplies, hard work and perseverance can transform a foreclosed home into a showplace.

Window Washing

Over time, your windows can be damaged by hard water, dirt, and debris. When dust and dirt collect on your windows, they can etch into the glass and cause damage. Regular cleanings will remove these contaminants and extend the lifespan of your windows. Our superior window cleaning process cleans your windows with a unique wash-wax formula, leaving exceptionally clean windows protected from the elements.

Small General Maintenance

We can provide services such as small touch-up painting, hanging shelves and information boards, replacing furnace filter, etc.

Tile Cleaning

Keeping your tile floor clean will help it last longer. When dirt and grime build up on the tiles it can hurt the seal and start working its way through the tiles. Tile floors are very expensive and you should do anything you can to extend a tile floor’s lifespan.

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